Basic Poker Game: Table And All-In Bets

All Poker Stars games are usually played with so-called “table stakes”, which means that you can only bet and raise using one of the chips that were in play at the beginning of each hand. The table betting rule has an application called the “all-in” rule, which dictates that a player can not be forced to give up a poker hand because he does not have enough chips to equal a bet. If a player does not have enough chips to match a bet, it is determined to go all-in. The player can win the part of the pot those results in his last bet. The subsequent actions of other players will form part of a secondary pot which cannot be won by the player who has moved all-in. If more than one player goes all-in during a hand, there may be more than one side pot.

Poker has hundreds of variants. Poker Stars has the most popular poker games in the world.


If you need more help to know the bases of the poker of all our games, do not hesitate to contact directly the customer service team. Play poker on Poker Stars for fun or for real money. Poker Stars is the largest online poker room in the world. Play with the best. Download our poker software now!

Free Poker Games at Poker Stars

Taking the first steps can be difficult and, if you have never played, you may not want to risk your money right away. For this reason, Poker Stars offers free games so you can test before risking anything.

How to play poker for free

In our free tables, there is only play money in play and you can even get more chips if you run out! Thousands of players try our regular tournaments and games every day, and it is the ideal way to learn the game and improve your online strategy.

To get started, download our free poker software and create a Poker Stars account now. It will only take a few minutes. Choose your username (which will be your nickname on the tables), select a password and confirm your email address. Once you have completed registration, you will receive virtual money slots to join our free games.

There are two main types of online poker games: regular games and tournaments. Regular games are the typical “classic” game that you can join and you can quit at any time. Players can choose what amount of virtual or real funds, known as “bankroll”, they bring to the table, and they are free to add or buy more if they lose their chips (and have more in reserve). The tournaments start at a specified time, or when there have been a certain number of players, and to participate, you must purchase a ticket that is paid only once. Players who lose all their chips in a tournament are eliminated, until only one winner remains.

To try out our free games, open the Poker Stars software, go to the main lobby and click on the “Play money” button. Then you only have to choose the free poker game in which you want to participate. If you run out of play money chips, take a seat at a regular game and you’ll receive a free reload.

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